whopf whopf

golden pup

<3 labs...

Puppies and handkerchiefs go together like peanut butter and jelly... They're meant to be :)

I can't take sad puppies

Bulldogs! Seriously...this is cute!


Jasper loves to lick in your general direction. And if he does manage to actually touch you with his tongue, it's not so much a lick as it is a love-tongue-slap: Cockerspaniel, Animals, Cocker Spaniel Puppies, Dogs, Pet, Puppys, Cocker Spaniels, Baby

When they say dogs are a mans best friend they mean it. My dog is the one friend I can always count on and that I know is always there for me. They make you laugh, they make you smile, and they are always right there by your side. A loyal pet is something I can never take for granted.

Adorable moment....

ik zie jouw niet dus jij ziet mij niet: Animals, Puppies, Dogs, So Cute, Peek A Boos, Pets, Funny, Puppys

oh my gosh!

I want him!

awww yeeaaahhh

Silver Labrador Retriever puppy...

So cute!



puppy basset hound! #bassethound #hound #dogs #puppies-Another gorgeous Basset Hound child!!!!