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Sneezing Monkeys, White Elephants And Other Animal Photos

This was certainly a good week for strange but true animals. First we met Harry the baby pygmy hippo. Rejected by his mother, the friendly little guy has been fed by caretakers at a wildlife ranch
  • Charlotte Saine

    Albino elephant

  • Rachael Harp


  • Elizabeth Zamiska

    Baby white elephant. They are the cutest babies!!

  • Alexis Drob

    Animal Photos Of The Week

  • j d

    :::: ☼ ☾ PINTEREST.COM christiancross :::: Click through for "Pretty in Pink: Animals Who Wear It Better Than Molly Ringwald" -- Shown: "Pink Elephant -- Apparently, pink is all the rage among pachyderms, too: this blushing baby elephant was snapped taking a bath in Burma in 2012. Known as 'white' elephants, the animal anomalies are seen as bearers of good fortune." Photo by Soe Than Win/AFP/Getty.

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    albinos animals - Buscar con Google

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~~one-year-old African elephant calf swims with his mother | NatGeo~~

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.i know, but wouldn't he make a sweet pet for a little while :)



The world in which you were born is just one model of reality... OTHER CULTURES ARE NOT FAILED ATTEMPTS AT BEING YOU... they are unique manifestations of the human spirit.

#LLBean Boots and puppies always go together. (Photo via Twitter @ JCrannberry)

♂ Qatari boy in traditional dress with a eagle bird

I want him...

You may never owe that debt you think you might have.

^Elephant Affection

Little Kenyan nugget. So many of us have left our hearts in Africa! Adventures in Missions The World Race

Wat chya dooin?

Sloth Mama & Baby in Tortuguero National Park. "Suddenly the boat stops, reverses and heads straight for the forest to our left. As we get closer I spot a brown lump camouflaged by the brush right at eye level, but only when we’re within 20 yards do I realize it’s a three-toed sloth. We’re within 10 yards before we notice the furry lump on top of the sloth, and everyone lets out a collective gasp as we realize it’s a mother and baby..."


Love Quote: "You're pretty much my most favorite of all time in the history of ever."

Bad day?


His tiny hands, soooo cute!