So Beautiful!

Full Moon Rising

20 Perfectly Timed Breathtaking Pictures

How totally peaceful! Makes me want to get up early and walk the beach alone with God, and just pray!


moon rise

Beautiful sunset on the beach.,-god,-belief/310-is-there-truth-in-god

Black Sand Magic - giclee by ©Roy Tabora

Supermoon around the world

I love a big yellow moon, I just love the moon.

Amazing clouds

Wonderful view of the Moon in Positano , Italy

Stairways to Heaven by Anton Chekalin

Moon, Sun and Stars at the same time! - Wisconsin.


harvest moon

Isle Cartel ‘A Lover’s Dream’ ~ I move fearlessly into a crystal blue night through the mountain’s misty air as I head toward the universe along surreal and distant shores. Father Moon shows me the way from high above. Spectacular Shining Stars adorn this new and glorious morn. that I adore. Sun for the day and Moon for the night directs me. I see now that all will be right. It is a good night as I forge bravely and trustingly ahead. I am bathed in moonbeams and bright starlight ~