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PIN IT TO WIN IT! Forever: These earrings arrest the attention of others! Hook earrings with dangling handcuffs. Get the matching set with the Cop's Leash necklace and the handcuff bracelet. $39.99

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Galaxian $129.99

Blue Grenade - Warrior's Strength Rich Blue Stainless Steel Pendant. #BuyBlueSteel #Jewelry

Blue Diamond

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PIN IT TO WIN IT! Limelight: Limelight necklace will light the stage, with its prism cut links. The interlocking prism links have a sharp edge and align to form a modern and distinguishing necklace. Pendants look great on this necklace! $79.99

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PIN IT TO WIN IT! Steel Square: Steel square stainless steel necklace is a tapestry of pattern, shape, and form that is definitely unexpected. $129.99

Shooting Star

Wedding Band $109.99

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PIN IT TO WIN IT! Athena's Eyes: Like the Goddess Athena, these earrings bring forth the strength, wisdom, and authority that women have shown for ages. Being born on her own free will she stepped out of her fathers head. The steel glow of these crescent symbols allows you to entice and capture the imagination of anyone with the grace only a Goddess can hold. $39.99