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Recycled Christmas Cards

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Recycled Christmas Cards

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Recycled Christmas Card

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Drawing near: Christmas in January: Recycling Christmas Cards

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Tutorial on how to crochet an edging on flannel blankets.

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Christmas Photo Balls. I made these for Christmas gifts years ago. Everyone loves them. What I've learned: Make sure you use quality balls. The 1st time I used thin cheap ones, they broke easily and all that work was for nothing. Hadn't thought of using sugar for the snow, Pretty! I want to make one of these every year for our tree. ADORABLE

Recycled Christmas Card Crafts


Crochet Christmas Cards

Recycled Card

Crochet Card

Recycled Christmas Cards

Dutch Sisters

Crochet Edge

dutch sisters: Tutorial: Recycled Christmas-card with crochet scallop alternative edging??

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Christmas Card

Merry Mail... Cute way to display Christmas Cards. Totally want to do this!

The Huffington Postfrom The Huffington Post

Don't Throw out Your Holiday Cards!

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Christmas Card Wreath 2009-12-30-image.jpg

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christmas decorations ornaments DIY

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Easy, Cute, and Useful! This Grocery bag holder can as long as you need. It is made from Spa Yarn (size 3) but will work with any yarn or colors you want. Great idea for those who hold on to their grocery bags.

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Cricut Christmas cards.

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Use old Christmas cards to make gift tags! great way to recycle cards and save money from buying gift tags :)

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Christmas Card

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Christmas card

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crochet around a re-cycled Christmas card

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Martha Stewartfrom Martha Stewart

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How to recycle: Christmas cards

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Recycling Christmas Cards

Recycled Christmas Card

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Christmas Card Recycling

Christmas Card Recycling

Recycled Christmas Card

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Recycle old Christmas cards and make canning jar toppers - good idea for gifts in a jar!