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Phil Keoghan. The man knows how to wear a pair of pants, that's all I'm sayin'.


From the show called "Forever" on ABC! This is a phenomenal show with a great premise, a fantastic sense of humor, and lots of details! Unfortunately, it was cancelled before it had the chance to grow and broaden its fanbase. =(

Best tv show ever and you know it. #Supernatural

Elsa from Frozen starring on next seasons Once Upon a Time | If they DO NOT hook this girl up with Jack Frost there is seriously no justice in the world.

Storybrooke gets 'Frozen' over in new 'Once Upon a Time' poster | Inside TV |

Frozen in "Once upon a time"

Once Upon a Time ♥

Season 4 frozen is coming

Col. Jack O'Neill

Jack O'Neill





jaye-davidson - ra - stargate

Claudia Black and Ben Browder - Farscape

#Ra #Stargate #scifi #sciencefiction #photo

stargate RA

Stargate movie Ra costume headdress

Vomit Hir Mind - dorkilybeautiful: fuskida: Anubis helmet of...

Anubis Helmet : Lot 505

Anubis helmet of the type which was worn by Ra’s First Prime in the Stargate feature film

Circuit board Heart, Anubis helmet of the type which was worn by Ra’s...