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"No self respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her sex” suffragettes campaigning for a woman's right to vote.

'Rather than fighting for every woman’s right to feel beautiful, I would like to see the return of a kind of feminism that tells women and girls everywhere that maybe it’s all right not to be pretty and perfectly well behaved.That maybe women who are plain, or large, or old, or differently abled, or who simply don’t give a damn what they look like because they’re too busy saving the world or rearranging their sock drawer, have as much right to take up space as anyone else.

"4 Ideas To Have A Successful First Year as Principal," from the Principal of Change blog by George Coursos.

LIE: "Wanting your gender to be treated like human beings is just like invading Poland." So, feminists are just like Nazis. TRUTH: Wanting people of your standards to be the only ones treated like humans is like being a Nazi. Wanting people of your gender to be treated like humans is feminism.

~* "In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." FD Roosevelt-

I chose this pin because this pictures women who want equality. This pin relates to this course because it is a great example of equality. In Women's Voices, Feminist Visions by Shaw and Lee, they say that "...WGS seeks understanding of these issues and realities with the goal of social justice. (pg 1)."