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    Imagine lettuce and spinach...garlic and onion! Herbs on top

    DIY Plant a Compact Vegetable Garden DIY Garden

    4 42 large planters for raised bed vegetable garden for herb, tomato, flower, and strawberry gardening planter kit - Free Shipping via Etsy

    Great tips for beginners. This is a great blog!

    Instead of an a-frame vertical garden design, you could place many of these up against a wall in a greenhouse, using less horizontal floor space, and using the space beneath the planters for storage.

    Good herb garden for small yards

    Strawberry Pyramid. Build a pyramid planter for your strawberries. Each hole in the concrete block will hold more than enough soil for a strawberry plant. Wooden pyramid options I've seen waste too much soil under unused space. Once the plants grow in you will have a nice strawberry terrace effect. If you just make a border of blocks and don't terrace out the center, fill it with soil to plant some herbs or veggies. -gardening, landscaping, hobby farming,

    diy garden pots Best 30 Gorgeous Low Price Range DIY Garden Pots And Containers

    DIY compost bins

    Neaten up your soaker hoses - use quick releases for easy winter pickup

    Pallet vegetable garden

    Vertical garden: This is a great idea if space is limited or u want a small garden.

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    Raised bed gardening layouts

    How to build the perfect raised bed

    Mini-Greenhouse with raised bed

    Vertical veg garden seen at Malvern Show. Such a clever idea!

    Gardening Without a Garden: 10 Ideas for Your Patio or Balcony Renters Solutions

    i'm a container gardener on the roof already...this is cool.

    Raised Bed Garden aristatalandarts....