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  • Danel Vohsberg

    Clutter-Free Classroom: MATH WORKSHOP BOARD {Classroom 360} Group Rotation board!

  • Kerry O'Brien

    math workshop organization board good rationale for using math centers while still meeting the needs of the curriculum.

  • Ashly Spencer

    This board is now also available in my comprehensive new product: Guide to Organizing & Managing Math Workshop with Guided Math {eBook/Printables}165 Pages of Information and ResourcesWhile I stand behind all of my products, I seriously can not imagine my classroom without this math rotation board.

  • Jodie Price

    Math Workshop Rotation Board: For Guided Math

  • Carrie Knecht

    Guided math ideas. This is my dream math class!

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Fun way to practice place value. It would be easy to differentiate by changing the number of digits.

Math Workshop schedule (and other fabulous resources on this blog!)

Oh my gosh this is amazing. Math games for each month!!!!! The only thing the kids need are their set of cards. This is amazing. Ahh-Mazing! I need to do this.

I wonder if I could get my hands on an old overhead projector cart... that way I can wheel math centers in and out everyday!

toothpickmath1...use number cards as it's a Number Order activity. The kids draw a card and then make 5 different designs using toothpicks. For each of their designs, the kids have to make a corresponding number sentence. Have them use a piece of plain white paper to draw their designs and record their number sentences.

Math Board could be easily changed for science classroom

Love this math station I spotted in 5th grade recently. Students use playing cards to find range, median, and mode. Fun and simple activity! Playing cards fanned out in a holder are used to determine range, median, and mode. Have a game similar to this with playing cards.

math center @Andrea Henne i like this for maybe the beginning of the year as we are reviewing numbers?

Clutter-Free Classroom: My Math Workshop Rotation Board -Setting Up the Classroom Series