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How to: Stop Pet Accidents!

Want to know how to stop pet accidents? My most popular post I've ever done on this site was/is my HOMEMADE PET ODOR ELIMINATOR. However, when I clicked the 'publish' button a few months ago I really wasn't prepared for the overwhelming response and reactions to it.
Judy Lee Adams
• 3 years ago

Pet Accidents: a spray that promises the accidents will be done forever!

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Treat Puppy's favorite indoor potty spots & stop future accidents: 2 C water, 1 T eycalyptus or cinnamon essential oil, 1 T cayenne pepper. Clean the area w/non-amonia product. Spray mixture onto the spot. Make sure to respray the area every 24 hours until the dog completely loses interest in that area.

Homemade Pet Odor Eliminator. 1 part Listerine, 2 parts water, peroxide and vinegar!

Stop Dogs from Peeing in the same place over and over A Mum 'n the Oven: December 2012clean over and over… Until I made this spray!clean over and over… Until I made this spray! Ingredients- Eucalyptus or Cinnamon essential oil Cayenne pepper Water Combine 2 cups of water with a tablespoon of essential oil and a tablespoon of cayenne pepper.

Do you have spiders roaming your house? To prevent them, combine one cup vinegar, one cup pepper, a teaspoon of oil (like vegetable, olive, etc) and a teaspoon of dish soap. Pour into a spray bottle and spray along the outside frames of your door and windows. Remember to always refresh when it rains

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