"Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, and the things you never want to lose" ~ Kevin Arnold • Beth Forester Photography

A Grandmothers love

Both faces tell such a story.

Pinner says "This is a portrait of my grandmother at 21 on the left and 92 on the right, composited in Photoshop, 2011."


the love of your life

Grandmother & granddaughter love. portrait • dewan irawan

Just too stinkin adorable not to repin.

I love to see children praying, one of the best tools that they can use when faced with uncertainties, challenges and difficulties in their future life. God bless all the Children in the World!

Birth~One of National Geographic's top images this year <3

grandma and newborn.


Psalm 139:13-14

by Delgadina... probably friends for life.

Oh the things she'll see ! Look at that sweet look of amazment. God love her!

grandparents - precious

Newborn with older sibling kiss

Thomas Tham. It is amazing to me, that this child can smile with the turmoil around her. She picks up a wired conduit to be used as her new found toy. She smiles. She plays. She is a child. Not knowing the world around her disintegrates. 9/16/2012

Although i'm not much of a portrait photog... this is beautiful!

Beauty indeed