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  • britney mc daniel

    peacock feather tattoo | Peacock Tattoos Symbolism - The Meaning Of Peacock Tattoo Designs ...

  • Sophie 💝

    I could never get a tattoo this big, but this is gorgeous! #Peacock #Tattoo

  • Morgan Trussel

    Colorful Peacock Tattoo Design |

  • Amanda Castro

    colorful bird tattoos - Google Search

  • heather ricker

    awesome tattoos for women | Awesome Animal Tattoo Designs Around The Thousand Pictures Pieway

  • Janette Rodriguez

    Peacock Tattoo Ideas, really like color and design and location

  • Brittni Paul

    My #peacocktattoo, #originalart by #tattoo artist #CecilPorter, has been repinned almost 400 times and liked 200 times...#legit - <3 Brittni Paul

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Looking for my next tattoo, and something along these lines w/a compass rose/globe is going to be the likely culprit...

I thought a koi fish turned into a dragon when he reaches the top of the mountain, not a Pheonix? Either way, tat is baaaad ass!

Great line work, and really nice color. This is a beautiful tattoo.

Birds in color! @Rebecca Newbill I love the color of this. I still want a tattoo somehow with Jillian's name and or the infinity symbol. Deginitely digging the color or white. #ink #Tattoo #Art

If I were to get a half sleeve this is what it would look like.

Love the feather. Not a place i'd personally have a tatoo though.

The original post is by the artist, Alain Rodgers, the owner of Euphoria Tattoos in Tallahassee, Florida.  He is really awesome and owns the most long-standing shop in the city. I am proud to say that this is, in fact, on my leg.

This is beautiful. Can be taken as ink blots or paint drips. Being that I love creating pen and ink drawings, this has to be one of my favorite tattoos I have EVER seen. Very unique. Makes me want to take my giraffe spots on my arm up and across my shoulder and back. and turn them into ink splatters

I would totally get this with this quote worked in: "She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails' - Elizabeth Edwards (BP)