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Don't spill your Coke -- it'll be the pause that electrocutes.

Vintage Ads ## Im guessing this is circa 50s? I really want one, so awesome!!! Bring them back Campbells!

'1980s TDK Cassette 'Music Me All Over ' Advert

my nightmare "bubble" perm mom gave me when i was 8.1957 - A toni perm for little girls

Funky Green Vintage Elna Ad... I wish I had my Mom's...

Oh, the horror! The tight rollers, the smell, the pitchers of water to rinse the solution! Just for those curls I wasn't born with!

I knew a "rich kid" who had one of these. We could only afford old barbies and plastic cups for bathtub toys! lol!

Tang Ad - "Growing boys need Tang!" - Kitty Foreman, That '70s Show

Bel-Air Frozen Lemonade ad, 1953.