Safe Toys For Small Dogs

love baby chihuahuas ♥

Then again maybe I want a small dog...

Chihuahuas are always Top Dog in my book. :)

5 Dogs who don't know how small they are | The Pet's Planet

It's not a party unless you serve hot dogs. And BarkBox makes serving your hot dogs easy by delivering the best treats and toys every month. Get it? Your pups are basically royalty, so you have to serve them.

small dog

Chihuahua by reprinted cuz this chihuahua looks like my teacup chihuahua BELLA

5 Cute and Small Breeds in the World

CHIHUAHUA PERSONALITY: Graceful, charming and sassy.

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"I wear clothes, she calls them outfits? Chihuahuas

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Probably one of few small dogs I would actually get. A mini Maltipoo! So adorable

Santa Puppy: 25 Dogs That Want The Job! #dogs #santa #puppy

Chihuahua Puppy Dog Puppies Dogs Pup

5 Cute and Small Breeds around the World

"That can't be a real puppy - it's too small to be a real puppy!"