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Native American Mask - Northwest USA

A Wide Moon mask depicting the four stages of the moon, as well as the ebb and flood tides. The moon serves as one of the Native American symbols in the First Nations Kwakwaka’wakw culture. This moon mask is carved from red cedar and has copper inlays.


Paper Bag Princess Papercrafting & More: West Coast Native Art by Peter Wayne - owl

Great guides for eating in the wild in the Pacific Northwest - Northern Bushcraft - Foraging in the Pacific Northwest

Native American Masks (Northwest Indian masks, ceremonial Hopi masks, and other tribal mask art)

"Stepping out of Darkness" Mask by John P. Wilson, Haisla artist (X110703)

"Stepping out of Darkness" Mask by John P.

"Mischievous Man" Mask by Norman Tait, Nisga'a artist (X80901)

"Mischievous Man" Mask by Norman Tait / Lucinda Turner, Nisga'a artist

Coastal Peoples Fine Arts Gallery - Search

For aboriginal art in Gastown, Coastal Peoples Gallery brings visitors and collectors together to experience a superb collection of fine First Nations and Inuit art work

Jay Brabant is the son of Gene Brabant, a renowned carver in the Northwest Coast style. Gene Brabant grew up in Victoria, BC, in the company of the family of Henry Hunt. Henry Hunt’s three so…

Red cedar, acrylic and horse hair portrait mask by Cree artist Jay Brabant