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Best of 2011-Indie Folk Pop Edition

Mariyuki's Best of 2011 - Indie Folk Pop Edition

The different fonts used for different indie bands, i could find a font i could use for the band my DPS is going to be about.

Indie music short for Independent. It typically entails music that it independently created away from big mainstream record labels with a do-it-yourself mentality. Publishing and promotion are also typically done independently as well.

I need to check out some of these bands I haven't listened to. If the ones I know are any indication, they should be awesome!

Here are some of the biggest Indie artists in the world. Indie music itself has become its own sub-culture similar to that of typically rock and metal music where it affects things like style of dress and attitude of those who make up that sub-culture.

The Ultimate Autumn 2016 Playlist. | Indie, Alternative & Rock Songs for Fall. Click through to listen!

My Autumn Playlist

The Ultimate Autumn Playlist featuring Indie, Alternative & Rock Songs for fall Click through to find out more and listen to it on Spotify.

Indie Pop Playlist  Twenty One Pilots and Fun. are my favorite bands on here

Indie Pop Playlist Twenty One Pilots And Fun Are My Favorite Bands On Here - Dawn Stanley.

Teenager | Vintage/Grunge/Indie

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