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Been going through an art slump lately, I tried to get out of it by doodling a cute hipster Velma. Because it is around the time when I’m sick of summer and start looking forward to fall and sweaters…

Black Widow by Noelle Stevenson

The Knight’s brave heart had never known fear ‘Til he felt the Pale Sisters begin to draw near.

By Noelle Stevenson. I wish that whatever's happening to her in this picture would happen to me. That necklace is doing something. Is she getting ready to teleport somewhere better? Into some dangerous adventure? I want to go...

Noelle Stevenson. She gets me, y'all.

JUDICE was once a professional acrobat who traded it in for a life of crime. She still wears the coat of the first man she ever killed, although the blood stains have come out by now. BEATRIX is the first mate. Her crew relies on her mostly for her size and muscle and she’d hate to let them down, but really she’d much rather be knitting nice things to give to her friends.