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    Jim Parsons and Leonard Nimoy

    Nichelle Nichols sang with Duke Ellington and Lionel Hampton before turning to acting. As Star Trek's Lt. Uhura, she became one of the first images of black women on tv who weren't servants. She wanted to leave the show to pursue a Broadway career but Martin Luther King Jr. persauded her to stay on as a role model and door opener for other African American roles. The role served as an inspiration to future astronaut Mae Jemison, who would become the first real astronaut to appear on Star Trek!

    Omg this almost made me cry! It's sweet how the little kid had a iron man suit and he was playing with a airplane! ;)

    Sir Patrick Stewart...

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    Awesome..luv this

    They definitely look like they're in trouble// lol this was a good SNL episode

    "Commander Uhura to you, mister!" My first crush! #uhura #nyota #startrek #communications #ncc1701 #ussenterprise #becarefulwhatyouwishfor

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    star trek minions... oh my goodness...

    The "Stars". I feel a disturbance in the Prime Directive...

    I drive the Enterprise now...starships are cool. (Doctor Who)

    Star Trek: Next Generation reboot...YES

    I thought it would be bigger

    star trek

    P. Stewart, K. Mulgrew, W. Shatner

    Star Trek the Original Series. Poster.

    You live in a spaceship, dear.