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Nichelle Nichols sang with Duke Ellington and Lionel Hampton before turning to acting. As Star Trek's Lt. Uhura, she became one of the first images of black women on tv who weren't servants. She wanted to leave the show to pursue a Broadway career but Martin Luther King Jr. persauded her to stay on as a role model and door opener for other African American roles. The role served as an inspiration to future astronaut Mae Jemison, who would become the first real astronaut to appear on Star Tre...

Sir Patrick Stewart...

Dr Spock Vulcan / human & Captain Kirk human being, says Before we go looking for life on other planets can we stop killing life on this one? Live long and Prosper to all humans and aliens ... peaceful July 2013

Star Trek Selfie

P. Stewart, K. Mulgrew, W. Shatner

Star Trek Visualizes The Importance Of A Good Haircut.

Nichelle Nichols as Lt. Uhura

Jim Parsons and Leonard Nimoy Star Trek Jewelry Set

This is what a Pixar "Star Trek" reboot would look like: to boldly go to infinity and beyond! Canadian artist and illustrator Phil Postma gave the cast of Star Trek: The Original Series the animated treatment.

Bones, Kirk and Spock. #startrek


"Commander Uhura to you, mister!" My first crush! #uhura #nyota #startrek #communications #ncc1701 #ussenterprise #becarefulwhatyouwishfor


Rare Star Trek: The Next Generation Pictures. And season one too!! Beardless Riker, and Wesley's sweater isn't dead yet!! •~•HRM•~•

The "Stars". I feel a disturbance in the Prime Directive...

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Uhura-One of the few women portraying a professional woman on TV when I was a kid

Can't help it, I'm a trekkie

"Beam Me Up, Scotty!" says the scottish terrier. Get this dog out of there! He's wearing a red Star Trek shirt.