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Romania-Been here 4 times, but would love to go back.

Europe - Roumanie Romania România Románia by RURO photography, via Flickr

Romania- this woman has worked hard and lived a good life- look at her hands. I would bet she has a spotless home, a garden and geese.

Sunflower Field | Romania. On my last train ride in the country, I remember staring out the window only to see a sea of yellow!

I know this isn't interior decor but I just love this so much I cant let it go!

Signasoara, the most well preserved medieval town in Transylvania, Romania......wouldn't want to walk the street after dark

Brasov, Romania. We saw about 15 brides/grooms walking around this city in one day.

I was born to see this!!! Please wait for me. Please do not let war and crimes trample you down. Please fight back. I have to see you. I have to see you in person like how I'd wish I lived to see the colossus of Rhodes or the statue of Zeus at Olympia and all the others that were broken down because of weather but most unfortunately because of war and battles. Please wait for me. Please.

I believe this is in Romania... not sure but what i do know is that it makes me think of Rapunzel