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In case of fire.

I wish they really did have those in stores!

Its Been A Rough Week But I Made It Through...with style.

from Etsy

Time to Scare Some Tourists 12x15 Print

This is...awesome!

from Etsy

Ring bell If no answer Pull weeds funny garden sign


Funny Pictures Of The Day – 36 Pics - Daily Lol Pics

I WILL NEVER HAND THIS TO THE FORCES OF PINK! >:( -- Maybe that's how I ended up using the women's bathroom at church a few Sundays ago. XD I was in there thinking, "What an oddly designed bathroom. Not a single urinal for me." So I went into a stall, and when I stepped out, there was a woman there (didn't see me)... and I was like, "OH, FUDGE!! Not washing my hands, just leaving..."