St. Petersburg, Russia.

Church of Our Saviour on the Spilled Blood, St Petersburg, Russia. As a ghost, I am looking for a castle to haunt. What about this one? I know it isn't technically a 'castle' but look at its magnificent size! I think it would still be splendid to haunt.

Someday, St. Petersburg

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg, Russia (by Tony Gro) - Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St.

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The Dragon Castle, Schloss Drachenburg, Königswinter, Germany

Hermitage, The Winter Palace. St. Petersburg, Russia Venez profitez de la Réunion !!

via Architecture Hermitage, founded by Catherine II in the century is situated in The Winter Palace.


PalacIo de Cristal, Madrid - Spain - A Reflective Palace Of Rainbows, 2006 The Palacio de Cristal was originally built in the late in Madrid, Spain. In 2006 artist Kimsooja transformed it into this rainbow reflecting palace.

~` the palace of katherine the great . st petersburg russia `~

Catherine Palace at Tsarskoe Selo (Pushkin), St. Petersburg, Russia, built for Empress Elizabeth, daughter of Catherine the Great.

Moscow, Russia. Russian culture is so different than anything I've experienced. If I was billionaire, I'd definitely stop in Moscow.

Russia, Moscow A view of the incredible St.Basil's cathedral from the rear. Church of the Intercession of the Lady. NOT a cathedral.