ridiculous fact: "In the United States it is MUCH easier to marry your FIRST cousin than it is to marry your same sex partner." – chris piascik

Same Sex Marriage

Want to marry your cousin?

Same sex marriage

Sad panda...

As an american I completely agree with this, America has some weird ass problems.

I love things that make you look twice...

State Prints


'Gay Rights in the US, state by state' by the Guardian in America interactive team via boingboing.net: Go here for the interactive infographic http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/interactive/2012/may/08/gay-rights-united-states #Gay_Rights #US #Infographic #guardian_uk

Designer: Simon C. Page

In 1967, 11 years before my birth I could have married the man of my dreams. That wasnt long ago. We need to evolve faster than this.

Designer: The Design Ark

Designer: Christopher Paul

Upper Austrian Federal State Library #grafica #segnaletica #design

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I want a print of this. If I can't find one I'll recreate it for myself. Designer unknown.

Cover of Idea magazine (1963) | Designers: Fletcher/Forbes/Gill