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The word to end is the "r-word" that we can sometimes so easily whip out when we are referring to something unintelligent. It is offensive and rude as it slams people with intellectual disabilities.

stop the "R" word. This word is also hurtful to people with physical disabilities also!

  • Lori Clevenger

    Hi Jenna, How are you? I see that we are both believers in helping educate people on how hurtful the R-Word is. How did you become aware of the R-word campaign by Special Olympics?

  • Jenna Davis

    I'm well. How are you? I am a special education major at Grand Valley State University and became aware of the R-word campaign through my classmates.

  • Jenna Davis

    What about you?

  • Lori Clevenger

    I am sorry I am now just getting back to you Jenna. I haven't been on Pinterest in a few days. I think that is awesome you are a special education major:) I heard about the campaign by searching the Internet on how to educate people on the word because it is such a demeaning word. Why did you decide to go into Special Education?

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hiraeth for my childhood home. A place I released and can never get back to.

The R-word. I'm guilty of having used it for a lot of years, until someone called me out on it and I'm so glad they did. Now it sounds like nails on a chalkboard every time I see or hear it ESPECIALLY when I see people with children using this word. Be an adult and set an example. STOP USING THE "R" WORD.

The "R Word"... Let me just say, when used in proper context as a diagnosis I have ZERO problems with this. When you however use it to say someone did something lame, then I get a tad irritated. REALLY? Just same it's lame and move on!

Something has to be done about all the bullying going on...REPIN this set of anti-bullying pinback buttons if you support the fight against bullies. THANKS!

  • Candy Queen

    This is kinda bullying bullies 'ya know.... "Bullies don't have any friends"? That's kinda...well... AS A FORMER BULLY I HAVE TO SAY THAT THESE ARE REALLY MEAN AND WILL NOT GET YOUR POINT ACCROSS

  • Candy Queen

    It will only make things worse.

  • Seni Leigh

    I'm all for stopping bullying, but I think a fine line has been crossed with this picture. If bullies do what they do because they are insecure our lacking something then why would we wear pins and walk around showing off their insecurities. Like I said I want bullying to stop, but I'm sure half of the bullies out there don't feel good about what they are doing; a whole lot of them are just as hurt as the people they are bullying.

  • Seni Leigh

    Two wrongs don't make a right, it only makes a never ending cycle.

  • Candy Queen

    Preach it Seni!

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Yup that's all they are is a bunch of Bullies and it's so transparent

The most shocking part of this information is that 58% of kids being bullied haven't told an adult or parent.

These bullying posters are a visual and descriptive ay to explain the different forms of bullying. Posters include: * What is Bullying * Verbal Bullying * Social Bullying * Cyber Bullying * Physical Bullying

  • Kelly Rogan

    I hate being verbally attacked about what kind of person I am. Thankfully moving on.

If you are against bullying repin if you have even been bullied like this post and maybe we can share words of hope because you arent alone! And to those who have never been bullied as Gandhi once said "Be the change you want to see in the world"!

  • Jatina Freeman

    I have to rember that because I get bullied everyday and I have since 2 grade

  • Dawna McMillan

    Jatina, I'm so sorry. People that bully others are weak and being mean makes them feel powerful. I'll pray that it will stop. Tell someone that will help you.

  • Jatina Freeman

    But I'm only 12 and they are using me like a carpet "walk all over me"

  • Trinity Wilson

    I'm tired of it and i personally have been bullied no person has the right to bully anyone because they haven't walked a mile in your shoes and have right to even its hard and to you truly Jatina I'm sorry people walk all over you I'm sure you don't need that

  • Trinity Wilson

    Jatina I'm 13 years old and just like you i almost feel powerless and like no one is going to help me i feel trapped like I'm in a box

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Help take part and stop bullying now by signing the pledge against bullying. Raise awareness and put an end to bullying.