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Where in the world is your data? A lovely representation of the world's biggest data centers. We consider ourselves experts:

The amount of digital data in our world has been exponentially growing in just a few short years.

The world's data will grow by 50X in next decade, IDC study predicts. IT execs will likely have trouble finding enough people with the skills and experience to manage it, analysts say.

"Mobile data demand will exceed available capacity by 2013 and will reach a deficit by 2014." -Federal Communications Commission.

Twitter outages gave addicts like us the shakes. After all, Twitter users average over 100,000 tweets per minute, and the site was down for a whole lot longer than that. Twitter is far from the only channel through which web users funnel data. Business intelligence company DOMO paired up with Column Five Media to create this infographic, which shows just how much data is generated every minute.

Get Satisfaction Infographic: The Potential Of Big Data - Column Five Media

Big Data is the digital convergence of structured and unstructured data. Those organizations that can capture and analyze their data, regardless of what type, how much, or how fast it is moving, can make more informed decisions.

Great facts and quotes. Investing in the infrastructure of your company is important - The real world of big data [infographic]