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    Lately I've been looking for Clegg's brother, so I've been investigating all kinds of pups. At first I was set on another mystery mutt, until I fell in love with the shiba inu. Can't imagine how I'm going to decide on the color; this one is beautiful but so are the white and ginger shibas! Maybe I'll get all three and just call my house the zoo.

    shiba inu ♥♥♥ " Deh wolf sleeps tonite, but tomorrow he will soil different areas of deh house."

    oh mo goodnes I want a Shiba Inu soooo Bad they are so Great and cute and perfect!

    Cuteness overload with this one! Shiba Inu.

    Shiba Inu! Love these dogs.

    "Ruff, ruff, ruff...what's going on with these humans today? How many times does a girl have to scream to get their attention? I'm standing here...about to soil myself and the floor..geeez. That's the last time I let them sleep in!"

    Adore Shiba Inu's. I miss Sadie; she was a rescue we ended up keeping. They're great dogs!

    Shiba Inu puppy. I so want one of these someday...and a Great Dane or a Pit Bull. :)

    Japanese Shiba dog - all this time my dog speaks Japanese!? - Hudson!