Marine Cpl. Brett Lundstrom's funeral

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Lakota Indian

Lakota Indians Red Cloud

Wasicu Lakota Native Indian Music

Wasicu Lakota Indian Music

Lakota Bag (Native American)


~Native American Lakota Indian Women - Hand Beaded Jewelry ~

Lakota Indian Chiefs


I am Indian "If you have one drop of Indian blood in your veins, then you are Indian." Black Elk, Lakota (Sioux)

American Heroes (throughout America's history represented by Fort Riley Soldiers)

Code talker of the nation of Lakota!! Clarence Wolf Guts, one of many Native Americans that fought and saved this country in war world ll! The last remaining Lakota code talker and has pass away! As a military spouse, I honor you, praise and thank you for my freedom!! We should praise every Native American code talker that fought in world War ll : Lakota, Navajo and many more!!

Soldier in tears as he is presented with the flag honoring his fallen brother. So sad

He was hit by enemy fire, kept firing, rushed to the aid of a Marine, denied himself meds in case any Marines got hurt worse than him, and now he's back in Afghanistan to help the Marines again. Read more:

Ira Hayes (Chief Falling Cloud), Pima Native American Hero who helped raise the American flag at Iwo Jima - Arlington National Cemetery.

Native American soldier with his eagle feather staff

Pow Wow

Minnie Spotted Wolf became the first Native American woman to join the Marine Corps Women's Reserve in September 1943. She was celebrated in a comic book and in military public relations campaigns. She died in 1988 after 29 years of teaching in Montana.

Seaman David Crazy Thunder (Oglala) and mother, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota, 1945. Marquette University Archives