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The Sioux. Lakota Indians Red Cloud - The 1868 Treaty of Fort Laramie delineated a Great Sioux Reservation - the whole of present-day South Dakota west of the Missouri River - "reserved exclusively for Sioux use. That came to an end in 1874, when gold was discovered in the Black Hills, a sacred area. The U.S. gov't could not keep out white prospectors, immigants, hunters; it all climaxed in the Little Big Horn defeat of Custer in June 1876.

Indian chiefs who counciled with General Miles and ended the Indian War -- 1. Standing Bull, 2. Bear Who Looks Back Running [Stands and Looks Back], 3. Has the Big White Horse, 4. White Tail, 5. Liver [or Living] Bear, 6. Little Thunder, 7. Bull Dog, 8. High Hawk, 9. Lame, 10. Eagle Pipe. It was made in 1891 by Grabill, John C. H., photographer.

Native American - Lakota - Handmade Feather Headdress

Low Dog (Shunka Kuchiyedan) -Oglala Sioux but no date or location

1st Native American Woman Marine, Minnie Spotted Wolf of Heart Butte, served from 1943 till 1947.

Nez Perce Indian, Washington, 1899. Pinned by indus® in honor of the indigenous people of North America who have influenced our indigenous medicine and spirituality by virtue of their being a member of a tribe from the Western Region through the Plains including the beginning of time until tomorrow.

Native Alaskan Splendor : Beautiful Wedding, amazing details, gorgeous dress. I absolutely love this story!! I have our feathers and medicine bag Billie Jo vaness ♥ *€* lovely wedding dresses here eBay queen of damned cool all mine stolen