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Reflection from a pet's eyes... could be cool with Wally or Lady

25 Stunning Examples of Super Macro Photography

(#4) The picture caught my attention from the beginning. The sunset is staring at you. However, I chose it because you can see the sunset in my eyes.

So this pic is called Eye in the sky, which is so enduring to me. For my little brother, Fuck This Life! Miss you, this pain is so hard to endure. Sad, heart wrenching and true.

Is the eye the window to the soul. I believe it is..

The most rare eye color. The most rare eye color in humans. The most rare eye color in the world. The most rare eye color.


The dark shades of PURPLE and VIOLET in the sky as the big orangish-red sun goes down with the tree silhouettes setting off the sun is quite breathtaking. I do wonder if the trees are natural or not but whether they are or not, the picture is awesome.

"Into the Morning" by Glynnis Miller (Pencil)

drawing by Glynnis Miller. The detail & the captured lighting is absolutely stunning

Segovia, España.

Aqueduct of Segovia, Spain One of the most beautiful sites I have ever visited - I saw it at sunset and at sunrise, beautiful anytime!

The Eyes have it....& other body parts

They have tattooed the world map across their face. Willing to anything and everything to make sure that we don't destroy the earth