Ever since I watched "Friends with Benefits" i have wanted to do this!

Bucket List. Before I Die.

I've almost knocked a the case off of the fire alarm at school....and I don't even know how I did it lol but one day I'd love to do it. It'd be hilarious as a senior prank but I'd be expelled...and im actually trying to graduate lol

Before I die

check. love to do it again


always wanted to do this.

before i die

ahhh yesss!!!

before I die..

Bucket List

Before I die, I want to ...

It is so much fun! Try it!

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Looks like fun!

I think we should all have a senior road trip in hish school with all of our favorite people<3 so so so much fun @Camryn Ahrens @Anna Totten Wolf


before i die...

before i die.

magical canopy of lights