There she was stuffing her little mouth with food when i pulled out the camera and caught her, she has the most guilty look on her face !

So cute!  Early Reader - by Steve Pomeroy, USA

y a un passage dans l’enfance où l’on devrait noter tout ce que l’on dit, car tout est sage et lumineux . Philippe Labro There is a passage in the childhood where we should note all that we say, because everything is wise and bright.

Oh, gosh, this sooo reminds me of my son when he was little and would laugh until he couldn't breathe!

baby - Belly Laughs - holding stomach - laughing - diaper - black and white photo - PIN MIX

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Blues brothers :)

We Love Kids And Everything About Them Pics). Funny photos of kids just being kids. Photos of kids that will make your day.


71 toes 'things i have learned about being a mom"- quote about interruptions

Mamma mia!!

A Bad Hair Day by Aaron Karnovski Cute baby photos / funny