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  • Lisa Rodriguez

    Clever idea for kids' Thanksgiving parties. Use store-bought ice cream cones to make teepee cupcakes.

  • Untrained Housewife

    Thanksgiving Teepee cupcakes for perfect Thanksgiving treat. #Thanksgiving #kidsfood #foodie #foodchat #cupcake Ice cream cones? Brilliant!

  • Marsha Minton

    Thanksgiving Teepee Cupcakes in sugar cones

  • Non-tha Ma-oa

    Thanksgiving Teepee Cupcakes. Delicious, delicious racism. (Fun fact: tipis were used by Native Americans in the Great Plains. AKA NOT the folks who helped out the Pilgrims. Squanto and his people were members of the Wampanoag tribe, and the Wampanoag lived in wetus. But I guess them Injuns is interchangeable, right?

  • Kathy Hart

    Thanksgiving teepee cupcakes cute idea for kids tables for a lighter dessert

  • Marina Smith

    Great idea for Thanksgiving! Teepee to eat! Great kid project

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