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high heels- looove these louboutins but at $6500 i will just keep dreaming

These are fabulous More Mint Green, Cute Shoes, Color, Shoes Sho, Tiffany Blue, Summer Shoes, Summer Heels, Blue Shoes, Blue Heels Love the color for a summer shoe! AGREE COURTNEY!!! I want to make me colors the brown, light yellow and this turquoise instead of the mint green. have these as my wedding shoes!!!!! =) lol Tiffany Blue heels Mint Green Summer Heels froo froo! love the color. such a cute shoe Tiffany blue shoes

<3 lace footies <3

love these <3

stilettos leopard print blue find more mens fashion on find more women fashion ideas on

ballet pink, sparkles, and bows. what more could a girl want in a pair of shoes? :)

Luv 4 heels / black heels classic and perfect |2013 Fashion High Heels| Love the ballet toe-shoe-esque look of these.

It's entirely possible I will spend more time looking for my wedding shoes than I do looking for my wedding dress.


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Really pretty wedding shoes!!

Blue floral print platform shoe. Have searched and searched for these and Can Not find them! Frustrating.

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Aris Allen brown velvet 1940s-style 3-buckle dance shoes. TOTALLY GETTING THESE.

can't get enough shoes <3