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Penn & Teller do Rocky Horror? I'm not sure. I don't know the story behind this photo but I love it.

Amusing pictures of the hour – 10 pics


Dr. Frankenfurter


True story!

The Walking Dead

False! You win an Oscar and don't have to deal with that hair!

LMAO! Too funny


Poor Johnny Depp

14 years ago, Aaron Paul (Jesse from Breaking Bad) was a contestant on The Price Is Right. He made it to the Showcase Showdown and overbid.

Rhode Island is neither a road nor an island, discuss.

One of today's hottest comedy stars Kat Dennings from 2 Broke Girls, photographed by Art Streiber for Watch! Magazine.

John Cleese

11 Things You Need to Remember About Roseanne and 5 Things Maybe You Don't

Parenting level: genius

Jimmy Fallon

Saturday Night Live..........

Awkward family photos

The Walking Dead