Sooner or later every kid needs to do it - learn those US state capitals. There is no reason to just use rote memorization for this geography learning activity. This US state capitals bingo game will help students commit those capitals to memory.

States and Capitals Quiz

State Capitals rap video.

What a great way to review our US state capitals! All 50 states on slides with their state flag and location in the U. S.

free states and capitals flashcards Learning States and Capitals with Family Game Night!

Worksheets: 50 State Capitals

5th grade. Instead of "pick up sticks" it's "pick up states" Each stick has a state on one side and a capital on the other. Students must say either the state or the capital before they can keep the stick.

State Capital Mnemonic Devices and Games

States and Capitals Bundle is intended to help students learn the states, capitals and abbreviations and to help spark student interest United States Social Studies. $

Song for learning the state capitals

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Free Printable States and Capitals Worksheets. Geography

Free States & Capitals Practice Test..Click on the Picture to download -- I would use this as a fun per-test before we begin our states and capitals unit

Fun free printable to help your kids learn the states and their capitals!

States and Capitals memory game/flash card

U.S. Capitals

50 States And Capitals Worksheet For Kids

States & Capitals Song [Free Printable]

Printable USA Map and State Capital Flashcards via #teaching #states #learning

LEGO Learning Idea: States, their Capitals and Abbreviations

50 States & Capital Cities - Worksheets for upper elementary- substitute lesson! These worksheets are good tools for teaching students about the fifty states and their capital cities. In this packet, you will find 7 worksheets to be used for introducing the states and capitals, reinforcing a lesson, or as a series of substitute lessons.