Sooner or later every kid needs to do it - learn those US state capitals. There is no reason to just use rote memorization for this geography learning activity. This US state capitals bingo game will help students commit those capitals to memory.

learn the locations of countries, capitals, landmarks and more.

cute song to help with the states

Wakko's 50 States and Capitals - Sing along with Wakko and learn all the States with their Capitals

Color in the United States

United States Quiz | Start learning the States for Classical Conversations Geography | Cycle 3 Answer: Here is the Capital Quiz:

Free online game for practicing state locations - State name is announced and player must click on state. Game keeps score and shows the correct locations for states that are missed.

Interactive map of the 50 States. Students can drag and drop states and the nation's capital to their proper geographical locations.

our 50 states song for CC. It's awesome and a great way for the kids to not only memorize the song but visualize the states and where they are as they sing.

Games for learning the U.S. states and capitals (good for cycle 3 of CC this year!).

Free printable flashcards of US states. The state name and capital are on one side, state outline on the other -- just cut out and fold to make a set of 50!

Books for every state - I love this for Cycle 3!

A new twist on a song that names all 50 states and capitals. awesome video with the drawing to go with it all. i think the kids will love it. [Tour the States - Official Music Video]

"States and Capitals Song by Musical Stew. Kids will want to hear it again and again! And you won't even mind :)"

Free State Notebooking Pages | Harrington Harmonies

U.S. STATE CAPITALS~ Great online tutorial and game to help students memorize them all! US Geography

50 STATES SONG (rhyming and in alphabetical order) by THE LEARNING STATION

Links to online States & Capitals activities via Technology Rocks, Seriously.

United States BINGO game (download free call cards and six game cards)

Tour the States- Best U.S.A states and capitals song EVER -

Weeks 1-10. The Fifty Nifty United States Video: Once they learn the words, your students will forever more know all 50 states in alphabetical order! There are several versions on Youtube, but I like that this one highlights the location of each state as its name is said.