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    The Doctors Wife


    I can't. ♥

    That's my Doctor.

    Hahahahaahahahaha I pulled a crying David Tennant on one of my friends before when they wouldn't tell me something

    One of my favorite episodes!

    11 Gorgeous, Poignant Pieces Of Doctor Who Fan Art. "In case you weren't already having enough feelings about Matt Smith leaving Doctor #Cosplay|

    Doctor where are you?

    TARDIS bag

    Christmas Tardis T-Shirt: TV Shows Doctor Who T-shirt

    Doctor who

    The TARDIS

    The Moment: “Hello!” The Doctor: “Who are you?” The Moment: “Rose Tyler.” The Doctor: “No. You’re wearing her face but you’re not Rose.” The Moment: “You clever boy. I’m just a Wolf. Are you afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, Doctor?” The Doctor: “I was never afraid of Bad Wolf. Just of losing her.”

    Oh how I love these 2. Sarah Jane Smith was an epic companion. 4 was of course brilliant. <<<<This is great :)

    TARDIS "Believe"

    Doctor Who's TARDIS comic collage art

    Love the Sherlock show so much and I love this too! ♥

    Hahaha oh whovians ♥ ♥

    Doctor Who TARDIS mug <------ I want this so much it's not even funny!

    Roses are red, the TARDIS is blue...