Create a "Mamie" using a broom and mop standing in a bucket filled with cleaning supplies.Hang a coat hanger from the broom and attach a collander for the chest.Tape kitchen cooking spoons for arms. Decorate with a table cloth for the dress and top with an apron. Then attach all kitchen tools and serving utensils all over, use potato chip clips for eyes and a potato peeler for the mouth. Just have fun. Great Bridal Shower gift!

101+ inexpensive handmade gifts

Bridal shower gift: shower caddy, coffee cup, dish soap, hand soap, hand towels

Pretty and easy

vintage kitchen shower

Housewarming gift

Bridal Shower Towel Cake with Utensils

shower gift - a bottle of wine for every holiday in the first year of marriage. Cute! ~I did a similar idea- a bottle of wine for every wedding anniversay for 5 years.~

Bridal shower

I really need one of my friends to get married so that I can give them this as a bridal shower gift. its such a super cute idea.

Mr. and Mrs. Custom Bridal Aprons...Perfect Bridal Shower Gift FREE Shipping

This is a bridal shower gift I made I took toilet paper rolls cleaning supplies and dish towels, then just took a cheep garbage can and put it together. Super easy! And you can find all this at the dollar store even if you don't want to spend the extra dollar for name brand supplies!

This page has tons of gift basket ideas....with fun printable tags too!

Bridal shower~Also would make a cute centerpiece @ cooking bday party!!~K

Toilet Paper Cakes make excellent gag gifts for a wedding, a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, etc. or a great house warming gift Each cake contains 15 rolls of Scott toilet paper, 1Toilet bowl cleaner,1 Can of air freshner,2 toilet bowl cleaners to sit on side of toilet,ribbon,cardboard for base. All wrapped and cutely decorated to fit any color scheme.

chalkboard table runner

60+ Best Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Housewarming gift Idea ~ great for a family that has kids :)

Tea Towel Cake {Kitchen}

Bridal Shower gift: A lady made up of an iron for the body, a mop for the hair and an apron for her dress: practical items to be used for the home. Too cute!