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    Whether you like it or not, "Blade Runner" has probably the most convincing and complete world for its story. This came from Ridley Scott spending more time on background details than he did directing actors.

    • Gerald Lyda

      BLADE RUNNER - The Final Cut - Harrison Ford - Directed by Ridley Scott - Movie Poster by Drew Struzan

    • Laurence Kone

      Image of Blade Runner: The Final Cut (2005). I have been surprised that this 1982 film was edited twice in the form of Director's Cut and The Final Cut. I enjoyed viewing the movie and liked the overall art design of a "cyber-punk film noir" movie that Blade Runner started. Hoping I'd work on something like this in the future.

    • david m

      The Magical Movie Poster Art of Drew Struzan | Blade Runner, 25th Anniversary Edition (2007)The studio used John Alvin’s image for the original Blade Runner theatrical release poster, but Ridley Scott chose Struzan’s artwork, orginally commissioned back in ’82, for the 25th Anniversary Edition. Drew Struzan |

    • Jamie McDonald Movie poster for the Ridley Scott movie "Bladerunner". Designed by Drew Struzan

    • Terry Tragame

      MP1096. "Blade Runner" Movie Poster by Drew Struzan (Ridley Scott 1982) / #Movieposter

    • Marielle Hartmann

      Blade Runner. An oldie but a goodie. Great sci fi mixed with film noir.

    • Phil D

      Blade Runner (The Final Cut) movie poster - with artwork by Drew Stuzan

    • Peter Hodges

      Blade Runner: The Final Cut (2007) - Original US One Sheet Movie Poster

    • David Edwards

      Blade Runner Movie Poster #6 - Internet Movie Poster Awards Gallery

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