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Maddie Wilkins this reminds me of the beautiful smile I made yesterday

Haha. There are some days that this is completely appropriate!

I can be very sarcastic and sassy. It's when its simultaneously when you have no idea what to believe any more.

Please cancel my subscription... I've had enough of your issues.

Funny Weekend Ecard: So much to do....... So little desire to do it.

yes it certainly is...

Why did I say that? Because Im grown ass woman and I can say what I want.

Well I have two out of three. That ain't bad. :-)

I don't want to leave my house. Everyone is so stupid out there.

Funny Breakup Ecard: Here's all your bullshit back. I dont need it anymore.

Everyone always asks me why im so dressed uo when I wear maxi dresses. Ummm, this took less effort than gym clothes...