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    The 40 Most Awkward, but funny dog pictures. Cheered me up quite a lot!

    Poor little guy had such big hopes!

    Gangnam Style - USNA Spirit Spot - Go Navy, okay in case u didnt know the academies all compete for the best viral video and they are funded- hence why the video remains up. West points is better i think..

    so close, yet so far away ;) <- Two and an Half more semesters LEFT! GAHHHHHHHH!

    Jokes | Christian Funny Pictures - A time to laugh

    Lol funny

    HAHAHA! So true

    Calvin & Hobbes

    Calvin and Hobbes

    Laughed way too hard at this..hahaha

    Too funny

    You know that is true.

    Hahahah! I dont know why I found this so funnY!! Step by step here!! :'D

    THE LAST COMMENT I laughed so hard!

    BAHAHA...yep that toke me a minute but once I got it...!! :D

    Actually...I need both!


    This is hilarious.


    Haha this is so true!!



    Ha! Accurate.