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"If (s)he only knew how much I deserve it!"

He had always woken first; he had trained himself to wake first, so that he could have the first moment of the day looking at her as she slept....I miss this.



Window Seat.


ines amd


omg too precious!!!! LOVE <3 :) want baby photo like this with my babies when it happens :)

دور همی دخترونه آخ


Gorgeous new baby photos <3 | Andria Lindquist Blog

She sat there, staring blankly at the brick wall of her cell, her cheeks wet with tears. They had taken it too far. She was numb. She couldn't get it out of her head. The screams of her younger sister as the whip dug into her back. The fear in her older brother's eyes as the cruel man slipped on the noose. The cries for help and the cries of pain as she watched her twin brother being beaten by a club that the man held. The feeling of despair and pain as she watched her family die, and she could do nothing to help. She tried so hard to fight them. They had bound her wrists and tied her down as she screamed for her siblings. She cried and she cried. She had never let herself cry before this, not ever. It was unheard of. She stared at the wall and she sobbed. She sobbed for the family she lost and the sadness she felt. She sobbed for herself and she sobbed for the freedom and love she felt she would never get again. She sobbed for her life and the cruel path it had taken. She wanted nothing but to die. She wanted to be with her family and she wanted to be out of this cruel place. She just wanted death. She screamed and she yelled, cursing herself for not saving them, and cursing the men who killed them for living, and cursing them for being who they are. She kicked the wall and punched it as hard as she could, then fell to the ground, clutching her hurt hand to her chest. The boy slowly walked in. She didn't look up. She just cried. Without a word, he scooped her up and placed her on the bench, taking her hurt hand and bandaging it. She still cried, her frail body shaking with nearly silent sobs. He sighed and he pulled her into his arms. She tried to push him away, but he didn't let her. She eventually gave up and surrendered to his warmth and his care, and she cried into his chest.