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Let's Play Pretend (12 photos

Johanna, I enjoy reading, writing, painting, being in nature, going on miniadventures with my friends, tv/film, music, science, and anything else that brings me joy and helps me kick the ass of c-ptsd and dissociation. 🔥 ☾ ☼

these are photos i find from various magazine sites, blogs, zines, etc. i do not take any of the photos myself. this blog is for me to post my favorite photos that i've been collecting over time. i do not follow or reblog anyone. enjoy!

Gorgeous Fine Art Self-Portrait Photography by Rosie Hardy #inspiration #photography

Dreamtography by Kylie Woon ...Kylie seems to have a direct line into the collective dreamstate. Mirroring the surrealism of sleepy-time fantasies...