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  • Erin Vidal

    37 Life Lessons for my (nephews - Jackson and Harrison). Couldn't love my boys more!

  • Maria Luce

    This is beautiful!!! Every parent should read this!!! "sons" #Parents #Kids #Sons #Boys

  • Taryn Pina

    37 Life Lessons for my sons- it should be for my children cause there are some good ones!

  • Morgan Sullivan

    37 Life Lessons for my SONS. I don't have kids but I really love these.

  • toyna Scott

    Raising boys, good advice

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Life Lessons for My Sons - notes from mom- This is amazing for girls or boys- but most girls do many of these naturally- boys usually must be taught.

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For all the Moms of boys...boys who stole their hearts! Amy and Liz need one of these.@ Tracy Distrola--- I love my boys with every fiber of my being. This is so true.

Love this list! trying to raise capable gentlemen so that my future daughter-in-laws will someday say Thank You!

My Brother has honestly kept me alive during a very hard time. I can ring him in tears any time or day and he gives me the strength to make it thru the day. An amazing man instilled with wonderful values and morals but strenght to be a help. I owe him my life ;-)

"what you make of yourself is up to you" I don't know if I 100% agree with this, but it's interesting.

Life skills will not only make them strong, but also prepare them to face the world. There are plenty of life lessons that you can incorporate in your kids. Here we shall discuss about 8 good life lessons for kids in detail.

So true! I see so many young ladys that don't see the difference.... and it has severe consequences on their lives.