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    Ha! Omigosh, yes!

    • RJ Mohler

      Pinterest humor, funny pictures || "When I'm done pinning for the day, I'm like... What year is it?" :-D

    • Lauren Woitha

      "How I feel after an afternoon nap" this caption had me laughing so's so true. and my hair looks like that.

    • The Grey Mafia

      So my mom just yelled at my 30 year old brother to get off myspace and make his bed... Find Funny things to Pin here:

    • L0LzStuff

      Funny Images, Funny Videos, Funny Quotes, Funny Pick Up Lines, and so much more...! Some Extremely Funny Stuff.

    • The Grey Mafia

      This is going to be a legitimate issue for the next few weeks Find Funny things to Pin here:

    • The Grey Mafia

      While seeing posts about Winamp Find Funny things to Pin here:

    • ℕatasha .

      When I'm done pinning for the day I'm like: "WHAT YEAR IS IT?!" hahaha too funny and so true.

    • Carla G

      Robin Williams - this always makes me laugh

    • Sam Lammers

      haha oh i giggled madly. so true.

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    Um yeah we all knew that...

    this is completely awesome and true.

    (and her name is Candy - bahahahaha)

    This is so true!


    "Nothing more accurate has ever been pinned..."


    this is hilarious and very true

    I adore this print - it's on my Christmas list but if I don't get it, I'm going to buy it for myself!

    We're True Friends.

    I understand that this can be seen in different ways, but to me it just sounds like the creepiest pickup line ever.



    This is so accurate.


    hahaha oh man..


    oh, so true~