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Crispy Spring Rolls with Asian Slaw - I actually just pinned this for the easy slaw recipe! But a baked Spring Roll has to be healthier than deep fried!

"Everyone loves Pad Thai and this is a version that tastes great and that anyone can cook." - Annabel Langbein

Grilled Chicken Drumsticks Recipe with Garlic Harissa Marinade | The Mediterranean Dish. This Moroccan-inspired chicken recipe will be your new go-to! Chicken drumsticks marinated in a spicy and zesty sauce of garlic, harissa paste, and Mediterranean spices with lime juice and olive oil. The result, succulent, flavor-packed grilled chicken that will please everyone! Get the easy step-by-step today!

Whether you want a light lunch or a healthy dinner, these salads will do the trick. Go nuts! 1. Buckwheat, chicken and grape salad with hazelnuts Buckwheat, a pseudo-grain like quinoa and amaranth, is gluten free and has a delicious earthy taste that teams well with sweet grapes and nutty hazelnuts. Toasting the buckwheat really brings out its flavour.

Chicken Shawarma Recipe | The Mediterranean Dish. Step-by-step for how to make chicken shawarma at home (mixing your own shawarma spices)! This oven-roasted chicken shawarma version is closest to the real deal you find on the streets of the Middle East! Takes 40 mins all together! And to food a crowd, I do chicken shawarma sliders with only arugula and store-bought Greek yogurt dip for toppings!

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