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weather forecasting with pine cones

Student-Led Fall Pine Cone Experiment |Love this experiment to find out why pine cones open and close! So cool! Perfect Fall Science

Pine cone experiments & exploration! #preschoolactivities #science #Christmas

Prompt #46 Pine trees, Pine cones, and the Solstice

Teach kids about the needs of seeds with this seed experiment that answers the question: "Do seeds need their seed coat to grow?" Part 4b in a series of seed experiments from Gift of Curiosity

Bubbling Pine Cone Science - FSPDT

Experiment: how does a leaf get water?

LOVE THIS... am a collector! "Pine Cones Field Guide Chart" Watercolor Art Print

Pine cone Christmas trees

Pine Cone Owl Craft

Simple Science Guide for a Year of Science Experiments for Kids

Sprouting Seeds Experiment

Can you make an egg float? Simple Science Experiment

Pine Cone Crafts for Kids (good use for the all of the ones I pick up from the land)

Simple and FUN experiment for kids!

15 simple science experiments for kids

5 Simple Experiments with Water -- Experiment with your drinking water as well by adding our water enhancers at: http://products.smartforlife.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=esls-cpk-01=14536

Science is a not just a body of knowledge; it is also a process of investigation. A simple experiment investigating if air takes up space.