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M3 Grease Gun.

German 88 mm Flak Gun with 44 'Victory Rings' rings.

Whitney Wolverine in .22LR was manufactered by Olympic Arms between 1956 and 1958

It is commonly thought that Samuel Colt invented the revolver in the mid-1800s. Whilst Colt certainly made the weapon popular and practical, the concept of multiple shots delivered by a revolving cylinder goes back much further in time. Here are two versions of the same gun, one authentic, the other a 20th-century copy. The original (top) was made by the London gunmaker J. Annely in the early 1700s, during the reign of Queen Anne.

The British Lee-Enfield Mk 3 rifle in .303 cal

Colt Hammerless .380

A combined sword and flintlock pistol originating from Germany, late 18th or early 19th century.

Exceptionally Rare Early Mauser 1912/14 Prototype Serial Number 162 Semi-Automatic Pistol in 9 mm Luger

Developed in Paris and patented in the U.S. in 1862, Alphone Jarre's "breech-bar" system used a horizontal arrangement of pinfire chambers to supply repeating fire, which could be put to use on pistols, rifles, and even cannons. In operation, the bar is pre-loaded with 10 pinfire cartridges, all secured in place with a spring-retained bar, and is then advanced from chamber to chamber left to right by a push arm connected to the double action trigger.

A knife and a fork with flintlock pistol,Germany 18th century.

12 gauge machine pistol

C-93 Borchardt. 7.65x25mm. The first moderately successful automatic pistol. The design was reengineered by Georg Luger in 1900 to become one of the best known handgun in history, the Luger pistol. Its ammunition was copied by Mauser for their M1896 pistol and renamed 7.63mm Mauser.

German Schlegelmilch M1891 pistol

A pair of cased flintlock travelling pistols, Liège, 1810/20

Rare Early Colt Special Order Factory Engraved Exhibition Grade Model 1889 Double Action Revolver with Double Carved Pearl Eagle Snake Grips.

Alsop Navy Revolver - Only 500 Made!

.50 BMG Pistol. (.223, .308, .50 cal... for comparison). Better get yourself a wrist brace!!

Petersen Pepperbox-This eighteen-shot pepperbox pistol, by Giles Mariette, created what would be widely called the “cluster revolver” in Cheratte, Belgium around 1840. Period accounts of multiple barrels discharging on lesser capacity pepperboxes are common, but just remember that this handgun is the equivalent of three Allen pepperboxes in capacity. This Mariette .32 caliber pepperbox from the Petersen Gallery’s coffee table of curiosa might just have been too much of a good thing.

Setting the fuze on a 12.8cm flak round

Kimber Ultra Carry II .45ACP Pistol w/ Night Sights

German artillery -150 mm rail guns getting ready to open fire at the Polish Army May 1940

Engraved Colt Model 1851 with carved ebony grips. Mid 19th century.

US Navy training aircraft carrier USS Sable off Chicago on Lake Michigan.