T-shirt Yarn and some project ideas

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DIY - How to make t-shirt yarn from old tees, easy instrustions

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DIY ~ How to make a rug with t-shirt yarn!!

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Crocheted Muslin Rag Rug. Makes me wanna learn how to crochet. Or con someone into making me one of these....

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Crochet old sheets into rugs

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Crochet or knit denim bags from old jeans - Making your own yarn from recycled materials or clothing is a great way to DIY your wardrobe.

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Fantastic introductory tutorial on tunisian crochet. Step-by-step instructions with great photos along the way. Via thepurlbee.com

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How to make T-ROPE! T-Shirt yarn

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my world of wool: tutorial how to make a carpet with trapillo (2)

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Daily Crochet Patterns: How to crochet a basket over rope

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DIY rug ideas I've been trying to find the right yarn (twine, rope?) for years

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How to cut a continuous piece of Tee shirt yarn - the best tutorial I have seen! Now I really understand how to do it! - Actually beginning steps are very similar to making an infinity scarf!

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Good Ideas For You | DIY Crochet Rug With Yarn & Old T-Shirts

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Storing/Keeping Yarn Clean; I keep forgetting about this tip. Glad for the reminder.

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Crochet with Fabric - Tutorial

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5 Common Crochet Mistakes And Tips For Beginners Tutorial - (hubpages)

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Full tutorial for the crochet bullion stitch!

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fabric crocheted rug. wow.

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Picture of Ripple Afghans

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Addiction Warning! Rag rug making is fast, easy & inexpensive and making attractive, hard-wearing rugs is likely to become addictive. Let me show you how

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