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  • jacqueline vodak

    this song was all about road rage

  • Erica Leigh Schmidt

    I laughed so hard at this.... LOVE this song, now I will never listen to it the same way.

  • Sarah Brown

    Haha so funny, but I do love this song!

  • Adam Thompson

    Gotye meme. Love how this song is being made fun of so much! It's a terrible song!

  • Scott McGuire

    I have always wanted an outlet to use this song, but I've never been sad enough! Now I can do it humorously! :D

  • Shelly Field

    Oh, Gotye... (I don't care who you are. That's some funny stuff right there.)

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wowwwww. this looks like something i would do if i had a smart phone lol

One of my best friends did this to me last summer, and I fell for it. He probably laughed for a good five minutes. XD

"A wild introvert appears…this even applies to extroverts who WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE WITH THEIR INTERNET ." I feel thy pain and I raise you: 28 of my closest relatives crammed into one tiny condo for a debate that lasted from 7 p.m. to 9:30 a.m. and then promptly resumed the next evening. Worst vacation ever...

Told this to some of my classmates one time and they thought I was crazy until I explained the joke to them...

When people ask me about my weekend…hahahahahahahaha

bahaha! Luckily didn't happen to me :D

They see me rollin'. They hatin'

hahaha! Me too, I was like how is the cat putting that pole in its mouth!

Slothing- The best way to cheer someone up.