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    Swedish Vallhund- looks like a German Shepherd had a baby with a Corgi! :) cutie :)

    Swedish Vallhund; The Viking Wolf Corgi!

    Swedish Vallhund Puppy - when its time for another dog - I'm definitely getting this breed!!

    Are You Ready To Fall In Love With The Viking Dog? The Swedish Vallhund. It's like a corgi mixed with a wolf and I WANT ONE!

    iFetch Will Tirelessly Play Fetch With Your Dog. WHERE CAN I GET ONE????

    Cobalt Blue Tarantula - Haplopelma lividum - This tarantula species is a member of the family Theraphosidae. It inhabits the tropical rainforests in southeast Asia where it is native to Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand

    Baby stoat!! Stoats, also known as Ermine and Short-Tailed Weasels, are members of the Mustelid family (ferrets, skunks, badgers, wolverines, minks, weasels). They're native to the colder regions of North America and Asia.

    Baby Skunks - the white and brown babies mark these out as 'pet' skunks bred for these unusual colours, not wild skunks

    Unisex "Be Kind To Animals Or I'll Kill You" Tee by The T-Shirt Whore (Black) #inkedshop #bekindtoanimals #animalrights #animalactivists #orelse #bekind #tee

    baby bunny

    Making one of these for my fur baby Pixel

    BARKBOX (bahrk-boks), noun: For humans, BarkBox is a monthly box of paw-picked toys and all-natural treats. For pups, it’s the joy of a thousand belly scratches. For mailmen, it’s burying the bone and hatchet.

    Foxes Are Misunderstood Creatures // tags: funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

    Imgur, Hamish. Hamish, Imgur. - Imgur


    Bobby & Rex chilling in front of the fire, best bros.

    That a cool photo. Fighting in the water for the hunger and fighting in the sky for the life.

    awesome picture of an amazing animal!

    Galapagos Islands tortoises

    Galapagos tortoise

    Tortoise love

    This baby hippo got swept away by a tsunami and a 130 year old tortoise became his new best friend

    my heart just melted!