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Balancing with M&M’s

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This is an interactive 27 slide Powerpoint presentation which features crisp, clear pics and displays the correct answer for each slide. The presentation has a fun background geared for elementary students. Great way to review or to introduce examples of producers, consumers, decomposers, and ecosystems.

Here's free clip art file on the water cycle. (Art by Phillip Martin)

magnet fun for kids - let them investigate various objects and sort them as magnetic vs. non-magnetic

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Earth Day video

49 Authentic children's books on powerpoint! Useful for all levels of Spanish. CUENTOS EN POWERPOINT - Educacion preescolar zona 33 #spanish #reading

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Animated butterfly life cycle video

5th grade science. I like this worksheet because all kids love to color and it allows them to get hands on with the cycle

Video: What is Weather? (From NASA's Our World series)

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