Saddle. Turkey, 16th century. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Horse sculptures from the roof of the Great Altar of Pergamon. Now in the Pergamon Museum, Berlin. Marble and made in the second century BC.

Love the detail of this saddle ! ~ Rick Bean Leather Artisan

BAROQUE SADDLE, HORSE 17TH CENTURY Saddle, mace and quiver of Kara Mustapha Pasha who led siege to Vienna in 1683. Saddle bridge made of sheet- silver, marked with the stamp of the court factory of Sultan Mehmet IV. The mace is silver and niello work. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Ruestkammer, Vienna, Austria

Saddle, Ottoman silk, velvet, gems. Russia, 17th century. ©Moscow Kremlin Museum

Tooled saddle bag

19th century Mexican saddle has lavishly embroidered bull fighting theme

Amazing saddle!!

Winter Ride.

Camo Barrel Saddle

Skyhorse Show Saddles

saddle up

18th century portuguese saddle

Tooled Western Saddle

saddle horn

Hermes Saddles are works of art

Love the turquoise with the black saddle, it blends really well with the horse's color

Classic Sidesaddle By Adam Szewczak